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What is a WebHit? is a simple website, about Search Engine Optimization. We call it, "Search Engine Opportunities". The question asked ... What is a WebHit? There are 2 answers ...

More WebHits Lead to Website SuccessFirst Answer.

A WebHit is one visit to your website. Too simple? Maybe. Important? Very. The Goal ... More WebHits for Your Website, More Opportunities for Your Success.

WebHit Jukebox LogoSecond Answer.

A WebHit is a Song that becomes a Hit Song on the Web. Hence the musical term, WebHit. The WebHit Company encourages all musicians and songwriters  to create and build their own musical identity and success on the Internet.The More WebHits for your Song, means your song is becoming a WebHit. Goal for You ...

We will help you get indexed on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...)To the WebHit Company, the term "WEBHIT" is a branding, a passion and a way of life on the Internet.

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