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The WebHit Company ... Search Engine Opportunity Tips

WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Target Point #1 ... Relevant Text Branding

Use your brand name or business name, your domain name and other important points regarding your business or yourself or your subject matter in the text of each page of your website.  This will provide your potential customer or website visitor with information they may be searching for their benefit. 


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Target Point #2 ... Solid Web Page Title

Use a solid Web Page Title for each page of your Website.  This Web Page Title is shown in the tab of your browser to identify the specific page of your website.  Then make the content of your page relevant to the Web Page Title on each page of your website.  This enable's your customer or website visitor to narrow their information or product and service search to find your website.  Example


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Target Point #3 ... Short Website Description

Create a Short Website Description.  This will be a quick introduction to your website that is used by the search engines when you are indexed.  Use this description in your "Meta Name Description Content".  You enter this description either in your HTML meta data or a place provided by the website builder template you might be using for your website.  Example


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Target Point #4 ... 15 Keywords to Find Your Website

When listing your Keywords for Optimization, use 10 to 15 keywords.  A Keyword can be 3 words, such as ... Website Optimization Assistance ... or Free Custom Website.  Think of these words as the "Gold" you are planting on the Internet for your customers to prospect and find you.  You may use an influx of different words as your needs change or to stay ahead of your competition.  Example


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Target Point #5 ... Advertise on Other Websites.

Placing Ads or using Resource Links on other websites can be a useful way to promote your website.  Some Search Engines nowadays attempt to downplay the technique or even say there's the potential for penalizing a website  for using this technique.  That being said, visit Google and look into the cost of using Google Ad Words. It appears to work for them.

Our Goal for You ...

To encourage you to become proactive in the promotion of your website by using these simple techniques that do not cost you anything to do except a little time and imagination .

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