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The WebHit Company ... Song Hit Opportunity Tips

WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Song Target Point #1.

Buy a domain name or webhit domain that represents and helps to promote  you or your band.  Then build your website and add a blog,  and use social media to get your fans involved in your website to develop your following.  Let them hear your music on your website ... at least one song, maybe more ... to give your fans a taste, so they want to hear more.


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Song Target Point #2.

If your music has lyrics, be sure to include the song title and those lyrics on your website.  Many people remember a few words or phrase or even entire lines of lyrics from songs they hear.  Locating you by searching lyrics may lead them to your website.  Consider buying a domain for the song or CD Title as well.


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Song Target Point #3.

When considering a new Group or band name,  use search engines to see if the name is already used.  Choose something unique or one of a kind so when fans look you up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., ... they find you.   Use this same technique when naming a new song as well.  Especially instrumental music that have no lyrics.  Again ... don't forget the webhit domain


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Song Target Point #4.

If you have the opportunity to have your song on a website that promotes new music and musical artists ... DO IT!  The more radio stations that play your music, the more people that hear then buy your music.  The more websites your songs are on ... you get our drift.  We do encourage you to go to  It's the home of new musical WebHits!


WebHits Target Your SuccessWebHit Song Target Point #5.

If you haven't been discovered yet, or been the winner on one of those made for TV "we'll make you a star shows", or a big agent hasn't walked into that club you work in on weekends ... save your pride.   Make your own breaks and use these simple things to promote you or your band and your music.  You never know who may find you and your WebHit Songs,  on the Internet. Goal for You ...

We will help you get your music indexed on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...)  Create multiple outlets for your music to be heard on.

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